Here are 10 common questions and answers;


(1) How high can my fence be?


ANSWER- That depends on the area in which you live in and which council you are governed by, but the standard height in most suburbs is 1.8metres tall.

Additional heights that we provide are 0.9metres high 1.2 metres high 1.5 metres high 1.8 metres high 2.1 metres high this are standard heights used in fencing.

M.I.R. Fencing and Gates would like to advise our customers to contact their local councils before commencement of any work to obtain the right information on the heights and types of fencing that they are allowed to have and also were there exact boundary line is.


(2) Is there more than one style of colourbond sheeting that I can use?


ANSWER- Yes there are many different styles that individual suppliers manufacturer to name a few such as trim deck, style reflex, style saw ,tooth style and many more.

M.I.R. Fencing and Gates supplies and installs all of these products at a competitive price.


(3) Is there more than one style of timber fencing to choose from?


ANSWER- Yes there are many types and styles to choose from. Timber fencing ranges from your basic palling fence style which is seen in most back yards right up to your decorative style timber fencing such as lap and cap fencing or horizontal picket fencing.

M.I.R. Fencing and Gates supplies and installs all these types of timber fencing which can be view here on our website.


(4) How high does my pool fence have to be?


ANSWER- Council’s regulations state that a pool fence must be 1.2 metres tall or higher.

M.I.R. Fencing and Gates strongly advise customers the dangers of trying to install a pool fence themselves as there are alot of government regulations under the pool fencing act that must be followed when installing a pool fence. You can obtain this information online or through your local council.


M.I.R. Fencing and Gates is more than happy to give you a free written quote and combined style with safety to keep your family safe against the dangers of a swimming pool.


(5) Is it bad to have dirt and soil up against the fence?


ANSWER- Yes having dirt and soil up against the fence will shorten a fences life spend.

M.I.R. Fencing and Gates is more than happy to quote and advise you on methods and products to prevent this takening place. For example having retaining walls combined with the necessary drainage to help with moisture. All these products can be viewed here on our website.


(6) What types of retaining walls are there?


ANSWER- There are many types of retaining walls used in different situations ranging from timber retaining walls to brick or block retaining walls.

As a retaining walls is a structual object you will need to retain council permission in certain situations concerning height and type. These days there are a range of products that M.I.R. Fencing and Gates can provide you with to help to bring strength and style together to make your retaining wall a back yard feature. All can be view here on our website.


(7) Can I stop my cat or dog jumping my fence? if so how?


ANSWER- Yes there is a product on the market called Oscillot the system consist of spinning paddles installed along the top of the fence which spin when your animal tries to climb your fence.

This product is designed to give families peace of mind and minimises neighbourhood disputes as it prevents your pets from roaming the streets getting into fights and unwanted mating. It’s also a great way to protect our native wildlife.

So if your pet is a big part of your family don’t hesitate to call M.I.R. Fencing and Gates today for a free quote on getting the Oscillot pets system installed in your place today.


(8) How do I know if my pool fence is safe for my family?


ANSWER -The best way to find out is call your local council and have an inspector come out and inspect your pool.

For example they will look at things such as hinges and locks on pool gates, pool fence panel heights and the strength and distance between vertical bars on steel and aluminium pool fence panels that is just to name a few. Once you have obtained a writen inspection from your council M.I.R. Fencing and Gates can carry out the necessary repairs or modifications to keep your family safe.


(9) Are your types of fencing affordable?


ANSWER- M.I.R. Fencing and Gates prides itself on being able to advise customers on the most cost effective way on any budget to get value for money.

We have achieved this through years of experience and our extensive product knowledge which gives us the edge over our competition.


(10) Do you offer a prompt professional service?


We at M.I.R. Fencing and Gates maintain the highest quality service to our customers, being a family owned and operated business gives us the time and dedication that our customers deserve through a fast prompt service.

Being a family ran business we understand the pressures of trying to set aside time to get things done, that is why M.I.R. Fencing and Gates is flexible to these needs to achieve the desired result.










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